Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Sunday Bmx

New Sunday Bmx bicycle

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday bicycle

We just received the new 2012 Sunday Aaron Pro

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

If you're looking for a solid complete bike, look no further. These guys have really stepped up the complete bike game with even their "Am" entry level bikes all the way up to their "Sig" series which include Odyssey parts that alone will exceed the price of the whole bike complete!!

The most eye catching one we got is the Aaron Pro model ($699), this thing is sick!
Weighing in at 25.1 lbs the Sunday A.Ross Pro comes equipped with Odyssey Vandero2 hubs with Odyssey Quadrant rims, A.Ross tires and grips Odyssey PC pedals and Wombolt cranks! check this bad boy out.
Under it is the Gary young Expert model($499), weighing in at 25.5 lbs this bike is made for some savage riding, this bike also comes in blue with gold parts but that thing flew out the door the day I built it! Gary's pro bike comes with Sunday Victory bars, Odyssey PC pedals Odyssey pivotal seat sealed hubs with Odyssey Quadrant rims!

In bright green is another awesome looking Aaron frame, this is the Aaron Ross ex($499) complete with Sunday Space bars, Aaron ross sig tires and grips Odyssey PC pedals, weighing in at 25.5lbs!
Up next are the red and white Gary Young Am's ($399)
For an entry level bike these things kick it. They ride better than they look, they weigh 26 lbs and come with Sunday Duro tires Odyssey twisted PC pedals and Sunday Victory bars!
These bikes won't be here long with the X-mas season underway so get here quick, take one for a ride and bring it on home!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New colony stems Federal seats and Grips!!!

Yo guys just got in a small order from Tip-Plus!
We got some more ODI Longnecks, ODI "O"'s and some of the Liam Fahy-Hampton signature grip in black and blue!!!

Also we got some new Federal slim seats with a few different colors and some new Colony stems to match them seats!! come check it out!!

Check back for some photo's of this past weekends Rye Wicked Jam!! It was pretty crazy.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey guys!

So here at the shop we've been trying to do alot of bmx stuff. Come check out our new Dk Passport frame and Voulme RJ20R!! We also got a in some new Odyssey complete wheel sets in white and black with Hazard Lite rims laced to Vandero Hubs!! Come check out our new Demolition wheels, they came in 36 hole 9t driver in a sweet smokey chrome! If you're looking for a cheaper wheel but also looking for a solid hub and 9t driver we got the Eastern complete wheel set for only 89.99!
If grips are what you need we have grips out the yin yang, inc
luding the Fly Bikes( in gum,black,white and red) Demolition grips, ODI's in a bunch of colors and lots more to come and in the shop so check em' out!

This weekend is the 3rd annual Rye Airfield Wicked Ja
m!! Dec 4th and 5th

I will be escaping the cold through out the winter hitting up the indoor parks, most Wednesdays you can catch me at Skaters Edge 6-9! like tonight, see your there!